Monday, August 16, 2010

15/8/10 - 16/8/10 - York of the New variety

Two days worth of blogging in one...

Sunday we spent most of the day checking out the various sights around times square and broadway. It was somewhat intense. Everything in times square is huge and very commercial. Each store is its own spectacle, and it is actually quite fatiguing.

We had breakfast/lunch at a deli in times square... To be honest, my food wasn't all that great. I had the bacon and eggs, but it seemed as if everything on my plate (and probably including the plate) was deep fried for about three minutes too long.

We then headed for the New York library, as apparently it's all pretty like on the inside. Unfortunately, we didn't know that it was closed on Sundays. Bummer.

We then had a look around Gran Central station. It was absolutely massive. Unfortunately, its 100+ platforms have been made somewhat obsolete in an era dominated by air travel, but the building's central hall is still impressive beyond words.

That night, we headed out and saw a broadway play. Technically, it was an "off-broadway" play because it was off the broadway street, but it was awesome nonetheless. We saw Avenue Q, and it was just as hilarious as all the posters said it was. Totally recommended.

Today (Monday), I spent the day on my own, as Peta went off to do her own thing. I went to the Seinfeld Diner and had some breakfast there. Obviously the interior is different to in the show as the restaurant was filmed on a soundstage, but the diner itself was actually very nice. The people were friendly and the food was tasty and cheap. Cant complain about that.

I then caught the subway to the Museum of Natural History. It was freaking massive. I spent several hours exploring it, only to realize that I had only explored one of the four floors. It has virtually every animal and culture, both living and extinct on display. Add to that a massive section on geology, astronomy, and a section devoted to the general scale of the universe, and it makes for a very impressive look at our tiny planet of Earth. The dinosaur skeletons were especially cool.

I then went for a walk across to the eastern side of town through Central Park. Whoever thought of Central Park is a genius. It is a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the massive city around you, and wherever you look, there's a picture perfect shot just waiting to be snapped. Totally awesome. I need to spend a few hours just chilling there...

I then headed for the Empire State Building. Everybody that I've talked to about it, said that it had massive lines. I think the IRS will be after me soon, because I didn't pay "The Line Tax" at all. Obviously the observation deck was a bit crowded, but the views were still amazing. I was meant to meet up with Peta there, but there was a miscommunication and we didn't end up meeting. Oh well, I got to see the city transition from day to night, so that was pretty special.

And now I'm back at the hotel, writing my blog in a lobby crowded with people because the wifi is out in the rooms. I hope they fix it soon...

Tomorrow: More New York stuff!

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