Thursday, November 15, 2012

15/11/12 - Preparation begins, Excitement builds.

So yeah, like my usual self, I completely dropped the ball on the whole "finish the previous trip blog" thing.

I can sum up the rest of my trip quite easily:

New York was a fantastic blur of sights, sounds and colours. It is such a cutlurally rich city that you could spend an entire lifetime there and not see everything it has to offer. Down every street, there's something new and exciting to explore. I can't recommend going there enough.

Is that an excuse for me not finishing my blog? Nope. But, I'm not dwelling on the past. Hopefully with this next trip, I'll update it much more regularly, and have the energy at the end of each day of travel to tell you everything that happened. Here's hoping. No promises though.

So where am I off to this time? Hong Kong, Seoul, and then heaps and heaps of places all over Japan. I'm going to be away for 26 days - my longest trip yet. I'm taking my darling girlfriend with me, too. And I can't freaking wait.

Moving forward to tonight - I'm sitting on Emma's couch, waiting for her to finalise all of her packing. Our flight down to Sydney leaves at the crack of dawn tomorrow (well, not really, but 6:45am is still bloody early), and a lot is riding on this flight being on time. We have a 90 minute connection time at Sydney airport to get our next flight. You may think that that is a lot of time, but for people who have connected between flights before, you know that that shorter amount of time will require the use of roller skates. Possibly rocket-powered ones at that.

Compound this with the fact that our flight to *get* us to Sydney is coming all the way from Dallas-Fort Worth in the USA (the 6th longest distance flight in the world). It is a route susceptible to heavy headwinds, and the aircraft that they use is only *just* capable of flying that distance. If it has to refuel along the way in either Nadi, Auckland or Noumea, we can pretty much kiss our connection goodbye.

"So what's so important about this connection? Surely Qantas have more than one flight a day to Hong Kong?" I hear you ask. Well, for starters, the flight is on Qantas' A380 - their flagship product. And I'm a sucker to get on an A380 flight when I can. What's more, I've spent all of my frequent flyer points and I've upgraded to business class for the flight. Being a very tall person, this is a fantastic opportunity for me to have a very enjoyable flight. Throw into that restaurant-quality food, unlimited booze and a seat that turns into a bed, and you can see why I'm keen to make this connection. So let's pray to the Qantas gods, the god who controls headwinds (Poseidon?) and the god that makes sure that planes don't go technical in Brisbane (I'm assuming that will be the Tourism Minister of some sorts), that everything goes according to plan.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow, I'll be blogging about my amazing flight, and my first evening in Hong Kong with my darling Emma. Stay tuned, and fingers crossed!

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