Friday, January 15, 2010

Legend of Phi Phi Island: The Wind Waker


Yesterday we took a trip to Koh Phi Phi Island. The trip started with us being transported to the other side of the island to the most packed marina I've ever seen. We had to walk across the aft of about seven boats before reaching ours.

On board, we bumped in to Jennifer, a woman who we befriended during our cooking class in Bangkok. What are the odds?? Jennifer was well, but she was in a car accident in Bangkok, so she was feeling a bit worse for wear.

About an hour out into the bay, I started to be reminded of a videogame called "The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker". It is clear that this area of the world is where the visual designers got their inspirations from. Every direction you look, you could see a small island on the horizon, sticking defiantly out of the ocean.

Combine this with the deep blue water and the brilliant greens of the vegetation on the islands, and I was just a set of green pyjamas and a talking boat away from actually being in the game. I'll have to give it a play-through for sure when I get back.

We did some snorkelling off of one of the islands. The fish were very beautiful, and the water was lovely and warm. We bought some bread to give to the fish, and it is seriously powerful. They will eat it right out of your hand, and the fish will swarm in the hundreds towards you. Honestly though, there is better snorkelling in Australia, but the stark landscape is the real spectacle.

After snorkelling we headed into a beach called "Monkey Beach". It lived up to its name. There were monkeys in spades. And we got to feed them bananas. Fun was had by all, especially one monkey who saw fit to vomit up his banana feast, an then re-eat it, sharing it with the other monkeys. Gotta love us primates!

Phi Phi Island itself was pretty average - packed full of contiki-aged tourists all getting drunk off their faces. The beach would've been quite nice, if it weren't for the blaring techno music being played.

Overall, our tour to Phi Phi Island and its surrounds was good and bad. The ocean and the small islands dotted around the bay were amazing. Unfortunately, the island was less so.

That night we had generic western food for dinner. It was pretty unimpressive, but serves us right for not trying some of the awesome Thai food available.

Next up: Elephants! Jungle! Ninjas!* (*possibly)

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