Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my! (minus lions and bears)


Today saw us visit the Death Railway Museum, Tiger Temple and the Bridge over river Kwai.

The Death Railway Museum was just as cheery as its name implies. Lots of information about the prisoners of war forced by the Japanese to build the Thailand-Burma railway during World War 2. A very somber affair, and after a tour of the museum, you walk out to one of the mass cemeteries of those who died during its construction. I was hit by an overwhelming wave of sadness after this series of events. I suppose that this shows that I am in fact human, which is a good thing, I suppose.

Next we went to the tiger temple. There were lots of tigers there, as the name implies. I had my photo taken patting tigers, with baby tigers, and even with a tiger in my lap! When I next get to a proper computer, I shall upload some awesome photos, some of which will probably contain a high tiger content.

We returned to Kachanaburi and visited the bridge over river Kwai (actually Kwae). Emma and I walked across the bridge, took some photos, and gave a few Baht to possibly the worst violin busker I've ever heard, although he did play the famous "whistling tune" from the movie of the same name as the bridge. Once again, photos will come soon.

One thing that was made glaringly obvious to me today was how bad the traffic can be in Bangkok during peak hours. We experienced both the morning and evening rush hours, and the traffic was the worst I've ever seen before. The SkyTrain is definitely the easiest way to get around the metropolis.

We had dinner at the hotel - I'm still not all that game to try street meat yet. It was fairly nice, but once again I felt very white with my food choices (red curry and satay sticks). I'm sure that I'll find something sufficiently non-white soon, though.

Apparently the Thai import alot of Japanese tv shows/ads. Either that or they're just as freaking weird as eachother. We just watched a show where there was a competition between *several* contestants to see who can extinguish candles by squirting fluid FROM THEIR EYE SOCKETS. I dont think things can get much weirder. Oh wait, now there's a guy who can strip and open a coconut with his teeth. Bedtime methinks.

Tomorrow, the Grand Palace and getting my suit!

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