Monday, January 4, 2010

Planes, Trains, Generic Names and... Doughnuts?


Vomiting. Not the best way to start the holiday, bit that's how Emma did. In her defence, it really wasn't her fault- the Singapore Airlines A330-300 is a great aircraft with excellent economy seats, but it certainly let us know when there was turbulence around. So much so that Emma had the wonderful privelige of having an up close inspection of their toilet bowls multiple times. I was lucky enough to avoid this myself, so instead I just sat back and tried to get some rest. I failed epically due to aforementioned turbulence.

After a short stopover in an eerily "28 Days Later"-esque deserted Singapore airport (where I *finally* got to see an airbus A380), we were on our way to Bangkok. The Boeing 777-200 dealt with turbulence much better, due to the plane being a larger aircraft. This meant that we could both get some rest. The breakfast was quite nice, too. Best omelette I've had in a while. Due to Emma's choice of vegetarian meals, she received the exact same meal for all three meals, with the exception of the breakfast coming with some weird bread that looked and tasted like the twisted lovechild of a naan bread, pancake and a bagel. Very strange.

Upon arrival to Bangkok, we got through immigration very quickly, and we were off to our hotel. The billboards in this country are leviathan in size - and that isn't an understatent . There was one billboard that you could not fit within your field of vision it was that big.

The next thing that I noticed about Bangkok (and what many others have noticed) is just how freaking busy the place is. The traffic is constant. Always.

Upon arriving at our hotel, they greeted me with "welcome back Khun Williams". This confused me. Turns out that they thought that I was another David Williams and as such had prepared a special room for their valued regular customer. When they worked out that I wasn't their regular customer, they still gave us the room upgrade anyways. No complaints here.

After a much needed nap, we went for a look around MBK- a very large shopping centre. They had doughnuts for very cheap. I got 6 doughnuts for less than $2. It. Was. Awesome.

Then we went for a trip to a tailor to have a suit made for me. It was an expensive exercise, but I'm getting two very high-quality suits made for about half the price of one in Australia. The staff were very helpful as well, offering advice on everything from where to shop to what mobile phone provider to go with. Apparently he has made suits for Molly Meldrum as well. Cool?

We dined at a place called "fifth" in MBK. It was pretty much "Asian food for white tourists". That's not to say it was bad or anything, it was very fragrant and tasty, and we decided to eat there as we thought it was a safe bet to not get food poisoning on day 1.

And now we're watching scooby doo in Thai. Daphne has a man's voice. Oh, and now emma has found the Thai equivalent of "antiques roadshow". Time for me to intervene.

Next up, tiger temple!

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  1. Sounds awesome ^_^ I am so jealous...except for the vomiting...